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Be Proud Mama

Amy Waldman

Can we all agree that becoming a parent changes your life? Of course, you never knew love like this was possible and it is incredibly rewarding. But, let's be real, it turns your life upside down. From how you choose where you will go out to eat based on where you feel comfortable nursing/changing your baby, or maybe if they have crayons. And, the conversations you have now are about merlin magical sleep suits, and usually come from a place of 'is this normal'. Your relationships change. You and your partner's dynamic is different, you start looking at your parents/caregivers differently, etc. 

I am here to say, you are doing an AMAZING job! Be PROUD and stand behind all of the decisions you have made and what type of parent you have chosen to be. Parenthood is not for the weak!

Also, congratulate your self for making it to a Child+Me Fitness class week after week says SO much! It shows your child that in the midst of whatever is going on, you still make yourself/self care a priority. If you teach your child ONE thing in life, this is a pretty good lesson, no? They also pick up on the value of an active lifestyle. And, learn about relationships by seeing you connect with other mamas!

What am I trying to say, CONGRATULATIONS! Keep doing what you are doing!