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How to get a bikini bod

Amy Waldman

Life is too short to miss out on the ultimate feeling of jumping into a pool on a hot day! The multi BILLION dollar health and wellness industry makes money by successfully making us feel that we are not quite ready to put on a bathing suit. This is the time of year when we are BOMBARDED with negative messaging in order to 'help us' get 'bikini ready'. What does that even mean?! 30 days to a bikini bod, 21 days to a better you. BUT, IF we purchase their '26 day fix', 'beach body' video, etc., we can THEN put on a bathing suit. 

How about this, go put on your bathing suit, grab some sunscreen and look, you're 'bikini ready', TODAY, RIGHT NOW! Life is too short to miss out on the ultimate feeling of jumping into a pool on a hot day. Nobody else cares what you look like because they too have been unable to avoid the body shaming from every direction. The hottest person at the pool is always the one that struts around OWNING the joint, regardless of their size. We hear we are not quite 'there' yet physically. Or, if we just do these '5 moves 50 times a week', or cleanse this or detox that, THEN we will be bathing suit ready. I SAY SHAME ON THESE MESSAGES! 

AND, if you are a parent, don't forget, your child is WATCHING! What are you going to choose to teach your daughters/sons about their own body image??

Grab your trunks and head to the nearest pool ASAP! #CannonBall
Be comfortable in your own skin! Jump in a pool on a hot day WHENEVER you can! OWN IT! WORK IT! So what's the secret to a bikini body, YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE!