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Tips/tricks to help you live an active and healthy lifestyle

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My Healthy Life - Tip #2

Amy Waldman

If you feel like working out is a chore, this tip is for you. Whether you have a fitness routine that you could enjoy more or are struggling to create one there is hope. Social activities with a friend are an excellent option. Working out in a group is motivating, creates accountability, and it's fun. Or, try different times of the day to be active. Working out in the morning will give you a boost of energy throughout the day. Activity at the end of the day may help you wind down. Finally, experiment with different types of activities; there are so many options for group classes, a nice walk, or a bike ride may be just what you need. 
Bottom line, change up they activity you are doing if you do not enjoy it. Soon enough, you too will be looking forward to being active!
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