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Tips/tricks to help you live an active and healthy lifestyle

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Healthy Habits - Tip #1

Amy Waldman

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!
Maybe the nice weather is inspiring you to make healthier choices; be more active, eat better, etc. but we get it, it's hard to know where to begin. A great way to create a new habit is to take things one at a time, baby steps. Rather then try to change EVERYTHING in a week, which isn't fun, hard to keep up with and a little unrealistic, why not pick 1 thing to change and build from there. This is how real change occurs, trust me! For example, instead of saying you will work out every day this week, commit to 1 day. Or if you are already working out twice a week, commit to a third day. Or, if sugar is your weakness and you are having a sweet treat twice a day. Rather then cutting it out all together, start with only having one sweet treat a day. 
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