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Fun, outdoor, results oriented Child + Me, Baby and me fitness, Toddler and me fitness, a new way to look at fitness! Exercise. Burlingame. Washington park



Baby and Me Fitness/exercise classes. Moms and Dads, Parents. Schedule Sign up. Be active together. Outdoor activity, Group fitness, loose weight, build strength, Village Family Fitness

Village Family Fitness: Build strength, community and teach your child the value of an active lifestyle by being active together. Show up for yourself, for the other parents and for your little one. 

We look forward to you joining, you will love it!

2nd class Free. 1st Class only $10.

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"Participating in Village was one of my absolute favorite parts of maternity leave. Amy creates a warm, open, fun atmosphere which is a space to create meaningful relationships that live on well beyond maternity leave." -RC

"I've really enjoyed your classes and the opportunity to bond with baby and do something for myself as well as meet other mommies. I will definitely miss the class, esp you because of your energy and passion and your ability to make it so fun!" -CG

"Thank you so much for the summer sizzle session. It really helped me with cutting down some major postpartum pounds. For two months I've lost 10 lb and could not done it without you" - DN

"Village is an amazing program. It was an excellent way for me to get motivated to get out of the house and build my strength and fitness after having a baby. I love that the babies can watch you work out and play along. I have meet many wonderful moms through these classes and look forward to my next class. Join in on the fun, fitness and community!" -KW

New Year Session
1/9 - 4/5

Monday/Wednesday @10:30

 Spring/Summer Session

4/12 -8/30

Single and class packages available

Get fit, make friends, and teach your child the value of an active lifestyle by working out together!

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Check out Pam's showcase here...

Fun, Fresh, and Results Oriented

It's not 'Body Back'...It's 'Body Better, Body Different'!