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Fun, outdoor, results oriented Child + Me, Baby and me fitness, Toddler and me fitness, a new way to look at fitness! Exercise. Burlingame. Washington park


Village: FAQs, information about the classes; who's welcome, what should I bring, baby carrier guidelines, etc

What kind of workout is this?

Classes are body weight workouts; use your own body weight to perform the exercises. Our bodies are heavier then any weight we would pick up at the gym. The workouts are efficient and effective. We get the heart rate up through intervals, that also build strength. Increased muscle burns calories and fat during AND after the workout. Add resistance by holding your child. 

I have not worked out at all, is this for me?

YES! We have modifications for every level! And the environment is VERY supportive, social and fun! This is a NO judgement zone! 

What should I bring to class?

A blanket for classes in the park and/or a yoga mat for classes indoors. Also, a baby carrier and/or a stroller, toys, and whatever else you may need for your child!

How old should my baby be?

This class is suitable for children of any age! Come try a class and see if it works for you! Remember to have your doctor's sign off before beginning an exercise program after childbirth.

I am pregnant, are the classes for me?

Yes, all of our classes are intended for prenatal and postpartum mamas!

Where are the personal training sessions held?

We can meet at your house or my home studio you receive the best rates. We can also meet outdoors at a park. And, children are welcome!

Can Dad's come?

Heck yes! This is PARENT and me fitness, we are all inclusive!

Need special accommodations? A customized schedule?

Contact us and we can work this out together! 

How much is one class?

A one class pass is on sale for $17, usually $20. The more classes you purchase at once, the better cost/class

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. You can purchase a single class, session, or class package online or in person using a credit card.

Which package is for me?

For the greatest physical and mental results it's recommended to come at least twice a week. Buying a monthly membership or full session have proven to be the best way to motivate people, as they build it in to their routine and see the most results!

Where are classes held?

Classes in Burlingame are held at Washington park. In the winter classes will be held at 25 37th Ave. San Mateo - CY Danceworks. The classes in Redwood City are always held at Studio S.  

Baby carrying guidelines:

Accepted carriers: 

Soft structured/buckled carriers, (like the ergo-baby), Mai tie, Woven - if you have wrapped your kid > 6 months and/or 25 times.

No slings, bag slings, soft structured carriers with only crotch coverage, front facing

Baby carrying guidelines:

  1. Generally, the higher up on your body the baby is, the easier it’ll be on your back. 
  2. The closer your baby is to you, the easier it’ll be on your body. Keep the carrier tight.
  3. Make sure the baby’s head is supported
  4. Avoiding excessive chin tucking. 
  5. Maintaining line of sight. Make sure you can always see your baby. 
  6. Keeping a supported back. Don’t let a baby slump forward into C-shaped hyperflexion and don’t let the spine drift into hyper extension of the lower. 
  7. Frog stance. A baby’s knees should be above his butt, at around 90-100 degree flexion, with legs spread. Like a frog, or, like the bottom of a squat The butt and upper hamstrings should be supported, because a little baby can’t be expected to keep his legs up on his own.

What’s Bad

  1. Intense exercise. Don’t perform intense exercise while wearing your baby. Don’t sprint, don’t run don’t play on a trampoline.
  2. Getting comfortable with bad form. 
  3. Using a wrap, sling, or carrier without knowing how. 

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