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Fun, outdoor, results oriented Child + Me, Baby and me fitness, Toddler and me fitness, a new way to look at fitness! Exercise. Burlingame. Washington park

Class Descriptions

Village Family Fitness Classes


ViLLAGE believes you can Be Active Together!

Family Fitness classes are 45 minute results oriented core and strength building workouts, a time to connect with other parents all while engaging/bonding with your baby/toddler/child. For children class is social, stimulating, and teaches them new gross motor skills. Interacting and connecting with your child will make them feel accepted and valued and this is the beginning of their emotional development as an individual. 

Time flies by in each class as ViLLAGE specializes in effective and fun body weight workouts with cutting edge exercises that fatigue muscles and build strength to burn the maximum amount of calories before and after class. AND the environment is supportive and non judgmental, take care of your baby as needed!  New parents, prenatal, working moms and otherwise are welcome. We modify exercise for all fitness levels and for parents wearing their babies in a carrier. 

Child+Me Zumba - The ultimate workout/activity for you and your child! Join in the fun workout/activity with your child that everybody is talking about! Child+Me Zumba! All ages welcome and no Zumba experience needed. Children dance, sleep, play, are in baby carriers, etc. Last Friday of the month!

Activity Everywhere MembershipTransitioning back to work? Or, just having a hard time scheduling a workout with the kids and work, etc. etc??

Activity Everywhere:
2 Online Workouts/month

1:1 virtual training

1 customized workout every 3 months

Personal Training/Small Group Personal Training, Health Coaching and Fitness concierge services available since 2008.